St. John's Church

Living stones, loving God, serving others

In our parish we pray for


1st - Church Street & Bull Lane

2nd - Gore Green Road & Sandhill Lane

3rd - Lillechurch Road & Buckland Road

4th - Lower Rochester Road,

        Martins Close & Land Way

5th - Hermitage Road and The Larches

6th - St John's Road & St John's Close

7th - Church Parish Areas outside the Civil Parish

        Town Road (Mockbeggar area),

        Dillywood Lane and

        Stonehorse Lane (West)

8th - Gravesend Road & Ivirne Road

9th - Charles Dickens Avenue,

        Copperfields Crescent &

        Crutches Lane (North)

10th - Telegraph Hill, Elm Close & The Braes

11th - Forge Lane & Hayes Close

12th - Brice Road, Dombey Close &

           Peggoty Close

13thThe Civil Parish outside Church Parish

        Crutches Lane (Sth of Bypass), 

        Old Watling Street & Colewood Drive

14th - Villa Road, Chilton Drive & Darby Gardens

15th - Hollytree Drive, Evergreen Close,

          Briar Dale & Carton Road

16th - Walmers Avenue & Norah Lane

17th- Oak Drive,  Fairview Drive &   Highwoods Close

18th - Beech Grove & Ash Crescent

19th - Taylors Lane & Mountbatten Avenue

20th - School Lane, High View & Jupp Court

20th - St John's Road & St John's Close

21st - Stedman Close, Reynolds Fields &

           The Adelaide

22nd - Chalk Road & Lake Drive

23rd - Chequers Street, Chequers Court &

           Canal Road


Residents of

Other prayer intentions

24th - Staff, pupils & Governors of Higham  School;  Gads Hill School;   & all 

   Secondary level schools & colleges serving our our young people 

25th - Staff of our village businesses, farms,

            library & surgery

26th - Our Parish Council, Borough and County


27th - The Voluntary organisations serving our young and elderly people

28th - Aged/infirm members of St John's who

           can no longer attend

29th - Parish clergy, PCC (Church Council) and

  all lay ministers and all our volunteers 

30th - Non-resident worshippers at S.John's;        the Congregational Chapel & other  Higham Christians who worship elsewhere

31st - Renewal and growth of our ministry and

  mission to all in Higham

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Parish Prayer Cycle