St. John's Church
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Parochial Church Council


  • The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the governing body of a Church of England Parish.
  • Our principal duty and function as a PCC, along with the Parish Priest is, to promote the mission of The Church of England in our parish.  
  • We are responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the fabric and its content. 
  • We have a voice in the forms and styles of services used.
  • Members are elected annually at the Annual Parish Meeting, which is usually held in April. 
  • The PCC meets on the 3rd Tuesday of alternate months, starting in January.  Minutes of past meetings can be seen in a folder at the back of the church.

 Parish Priest  Fr James Southward
 Vice Chairman
 Mrs H Walker
 Churchwarden  Mrs T Joblin
 Deanery Synod  Mrs K Wood
 Mr C Hanson
 Elected Members  
 Hon Treasurer  Mrs A Tammas-Williams   treasurer@higham[
 Hon Assistant Treasurer  Mrs V Laurens  
 Vulnerable Adults' Representative  Mrs K Wood
 Disclosure and Barring Lead Recruiter   Mrs C Rough
 Parish Safeguarding Officer, Children's Officer
Disclosure and Barring 2nd Lead Recruite

 Mrs C Baker
 Secretary, Electoral Roll Officer  Mrs S Wright  
 PCC Member  Mrs L Croker  
 PCC Member  Mr E Hance  
 PCC Member  Mr S Phillips  
 PCC Member  Mrs T Packer


PCC members 2019 - 2020